The Power of Words – A Child’s Heart

“Grow Up!”, “You Stupid Child..” and “You’re Too Young To Understand” are common phrases dumped on the youngsters of today. Whilst they may be young, do not be fooled into thinking they don’t understand. In fact, the way you talk to your child while they are young is going to become their inner voice throughout childhood, perhaps longer. With that same voice and choice of words, that’s the way they’ll start treating themselves and their loved ones.

Now, I’m not saying that you should stand negotiating with your child over whether or not they should eat candy before supper, or the fact that they don’t feel like bathing today … A parent is the parent for a reason, they have final say because they have the child’s best interest at heart. However, a good leader, which I believe every parent has the potential to be, leads primarily by example and encouragement, not verbal threats and punishments. There are 2 ways to motivate someone:

Fear : Fear is a great motivator. It gives you no highway option or excuse. It is black and white, clear to follow and if you don’t adhere, there is a negative effect.

Hope : Hope is stronger than fear in the sense that hope leaves you feeling uplifted whilst overcoming obstacles, and when failure occurs, which it does, there is strength and encouragement to get up and do better!

Now is a good time to ask this question: What is NOT a child? A child is not a miniature you or your partner. A child is not a project or hobby, not even a job! So then, what is a child?

A child is a blessing! It is a human being placed under your care, nurture and guidance for a period of their life. It is the greatest opportunity for you as a human being to uplift the world around you, due to the fact that the children of today create the future, and they will be the ones to uplift or destroy life, including yours! Children are your opportunity for happiness; not from what you gain, but from watching them become THEM! The uniqueness of each child can never be reduced or compared, for each one is different and is a blessing in their own right. This, ladies and gentleman, is what children are.

Let me ask you something: Lets say you found a puppy lying in your driveway. What would you do with it? Send it away, chasing it with a stick? Kick it, scream at it and throw it into a corner? Perhaps even take it to the Vet to put down? NO WAY!!! You’re either going to take it in and nurture it to health, or find its owner. You will give it what it needs to the best of your ability.

Now, how much more with a child? Neglecting a child, discouraging them or straight out abuse: Does it seem logical, never mind right, to do that to something so precious?

Food for thought…


Top 10 Reasons South Africa (SA) Should be a First World Country

Considering SA is a third world country, it truly offers a lot more than what it is given credit for. After all, when the Europeans settled here, they did so because they saw potential and understood that the resources were beneficial.

So this is my list of The Top Ten Reasons SA Should be a First World Country:

1)  South Africa, despite its location, has ranked 3d in the world for safe drinkable tap water. Even the outback townships have safe water to drink, cook with and bathe in.
2)  South Africa is the only country in the world to voluntarily abandon its nuclear weapons program.
3)  Inventions that affected the entire world include: The Kreepy Krauly was invented by Fedinand Chauvier in 1974, which is used in almost every pool today. Medical CT/CAT scans were invented by Godfrey Hounsfield and Allan McLeod Cormack, SA physicists, and are standard requirements in a lot of hospitals worldwide. Henri Johnson, a South African, is credited with the invention of the speed gun and other technologies used to measure the speed and direction of sports balls.
4)  South Africa generates 2/3 of Africa’s electricity, despite Escom’s annoying power cuts.
5)  South Africa is a world leader in mining and minerals, with about 90% of Earth’s platinum, 80% of the manganese, 73% of the chrome, 45 % of the vanadium and 41% of the gold.
6)  The air is generally cleaner than most countries, especially considering the economical and industrial growth of the country. The exception are the major cities, which contain major industrial factories.
7)  South Africa’s medical specialists are innovative and persistent; Dr Christiaan Barnard, at Groote Schuur Hospital in Cape Town, performed the first Human Heart transplant in the world in 1967, piggyback transplant in 1971 and first to do a successful lung transplant.
8)  World renown and major tourist attraction dive spots, including Aliwal Shoals and Protea Banks.
9)  The oldest wine industry outside of Europe and the Mediterranean is found within SA’s borders, featuring famous and well known wines.
10)  Apart from what South Africa has to offer the world economically, it has some of the most amazing nature related sights that will blow your mind. It is home to: the largest bird (Ostrich), the largest land mammal (elephant), the tallest creature (giraffe) the largest reptile (leatherback turtle), the largest fish (whale shark), the heaviest flying bird (Khori bustard), the largest antelope (Eland) the fastest land mammal (cheetah), the smallest mammal (least dwarf shrew) and has four of the five fastest land animals (cheetah, wildebeest, lion and Thomson’s gazelle).

The list could go on as there is so much more SA could offer the world if in the right hands, but this is my Top Ten. Thanks for reading,


A New Direction, A New World

I don’t want to spend my life distant from my soul,
So far away that I can barely hear my own heartbeat.
I’ve tried to accept my life in that bitter-blackened hole,
But I am wiser than to be condemned by my own two feet.

Life can be what we make of it they say,
So today I take a stand for my own destiny.
To follow my dreams and desires, I am a-for-away,
Accepting the consequences that lay ahead of me.

This is my first blog in my new life; the first step on a new adventure..